Newspaper & Magazine DIY

Decowall magazine organisers are supplied with polycarbonate extruded holders which are hooked onto the grooves of our slanted Deco2 slatwall panel and thus providing a very strong hold of magazines or catalogues you put in. They come in different lengths and heights, with and without storage compartment.

Newspaper & Magazine DIY

  • MR-S

    768mm(W) x 305mm(D) x 900mm(H)

  • MR-M

    818mm(W) x 406mm(D) x 1220mm(H)

  • MR-L

    1236mm(W) x 483mm(D) x 1220mm(H)

  • MR-WC

    836mm(W) x 458mm(D) x 1524mm(H)