Wall Panels

Slatwall panels are every retailer’s favourite as it is the most versatile display system and it instantly creates a new and nice shop design and outlook.

Decowall slatwall panels are manufactured and supplied in the standard size of 1200mm x 2400mm (approximately 4ft x 8ft). With a standard pitch size (distance between the grooves) of 100mm or 4". These MDF panels are produced in both horizontal as well as vertical formats in order to accommodate retailers’ varied requirements in panel sizes. 75mm, 150mm and 200mm pitch sizes can be ordered with a slightly larger quantity of 5 panels and above, per unit price for panels drops with bigger pitch sizes as they require less aluminium inserts. We have an extensive range of wall panel hooks, arms, clips, shelves, boxes, acrylic holders and other slatwall fittings to fit into the grooves enabling merchandises of all shapes and sizes to be displayed.

wall mounting boards